Sensei Rob Berry


I started karate 22 years ago at Honto Shin under Sensei Liz Frazer, which gave me a good grounding for my karate. I competed in a few competitions in Kata and Kumite, where I got a knee injury that needed surgery that kept me from training for a couple of years.

I met up with an old training partner, Sensei Kenny Hope who was starting a new club, Jindo Kyo Kai with Sensei Kris Morton. Both originated from honto Shin. It gave me the push – I needed to start karate again! I stayed with the club for a couple of years until unfortunately the club closed.

I then joined Sunderland karate central, under Sensei Mark Williams. Again a traditional Shotokan club, it wasn’t long before I gained my Shodan. I stayed at Sunderland karate central for a number of years and gained my Nidan and Sandan.

I then decided to open my own club with the help of my two daughters that had also trained along side me at Sensei Mark Williams’ club. My wife Tracy also took up karate which is why still today it is a family, friendly and traditional Shotokan club with traditional ethics. It also consists of self defence which gains confidence and teaches self-discipline along side respect for others and themselves.

In 2015 I became a Shodan black belt at Bushido Ju-Jitsu Academy where I train alongside Sensei Christine Poole 6th dan and sensei Craig Thompson 3rd dan.

Everytime I open the doors of the Dojo I get a buzz and that reflects in my teaching.

Sensei Rob Berry – 3rd Dan

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