Andy Ord


I began my karate training in Nottingham in 2002 with Sensei’s David O’Neil and Keith Robson. My job then took me to the Isle of Wight, where I trained with ‘SEKU’ under Sensei Mark Elliot and then onto Dublin, training with ‘SKIF’. I then spent 2 years training with TSKA under Mick Foster in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Mick was literally a Sensei in and out of the dojo for me. He taught me excellent karate but more importantly, he was  a role model who I will always remember and especially the life lessons I learnt from him. He taught me what karate was really about.

I then returned home where I trained with and gained my Shodan under Sensei Mark Williams at Sunderland Karate Central in 2009. I also trained locally with Sensei John Thompson who has been a big influence in teaching me traditional karate.

When Sensei Rob Berry opened up Shinzen-Ki Karate Club, he asked me to come along to help instruct. I enjoy the training which is traditional karate orientated while also having a warm, friendly family atmosphere.

Andy Ord 2nd Dan

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